Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine by Vishavkarma Engineering Works, Mohali

Vishavkarma Engineering Works is engaged in offering wide range of Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine, Automatic Chapati Making Machine, Semi Automatic Chapati Making Machine, Electric Chapati Making Machine, Commercial Chapati Making Machine, Automatic Roti Making Machine & Automatic Tortilla Making Machine.

Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine


  • Size of machine will be 3.5' x 4' x 2.5' 
  • Power required is 0.20 Kw Three phase/ Single Phase 
  • Machine will be fitted with aluminum body Italian gearbox Machine Frame will be painted or coated to prevent rusting 
  • All parts like conveyor, Butter Applicator rollers are made of food grade materials like stainless steel Belt & Stainless steel trays 
  • AC frequency drive is provided to control the speed of machine to match the capacity of the chapati making machine 
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1000 Rotis per hour - Wow ! Home Made Rotis

Kirtiraj Automatic Roti Maker - Thorough R&D has been conducted for achieving the primary goal i.e. Roti's should look and teste like it's home-made roti.

Products Salient Features : 

  • Friendly and Easy operations-Extremely simple mechanism and user friendly control interface makes the operation surprisingly easy with no specific maintenance. 
  • Simple Rugged & compact design, requires no special skill to operate. 
  • Saves time and is energy efficient - consumes minimal power. 
  • Saves Labour - Eliminates skilled labour during the functioning. 
  • Saves money - It ensures guaranteed lowest per Roti making cost then any other such machine. 
  • Uniformity & Consistency - Roti's are made in uniform shape and thickness. 
  • Ensures Freshness - Roti's remain soft and fresh and tastes like home made. 

Specification : 

Capacity : Up to 1000 Roti's per hour.
Size : 4" - 7" (Ideally 6.5 to 7")
Thickness : 1.5 mm to 3 mm
Weight : 25 to 55 gms
Space : Total space consumed 60" x 60" x 36"
Power required : 0.5 HP Single / Three Phase motor. (Speed Variable drive optional) 1.5 KVA of Heating element.
Frame & Body : Made of 304FGSS

References: Kirtiraj

Fast Roti Machine - 700 home-like chapattis per hour

Fast Roti machine will relax your kitchen worker a lot for meal preparation for Institutes, Langars(Religious Bhandara), Hospitals, Schools-College Hostels, Industrial Canteens, Railway & Defence establishments, and Gruh Udhyog. Fast Roti will produces home-like chapattis in most hygienic and efficient way. It maintains uniform thickness and diameter as per your need.

Fully automatic chapati making machine, FAST ROTI developed and manufactured in Bhavnagar by Prabhat Machine Tools. We provide dual series of Fully as well as Semi automatic Chapati making machine. Fast Roti is easier ever to operate with a single man power !! Fast Roti can be customise as per tailor made requirement also.

A model of this machine is work as a fast semi-automatic machine and also useful as a speedy fully automatic machine. This fast semi-automatic machine is very compact and works as semi or Fully automatic machine, both at a time.

Key Features of Fast Roti Making Machine:
  • Can produce up to 700 Chapattis per Hour
  • Size diameter between 4 to 7 Inch
  • Make sure hygienic preparation
  • Saves time ! Save labour !
  • Easy Operation ! Easy Maintenance !
  • Consumes less power, operates on Single Phase power.
  • Adjustable thickness and size functionality
  • Variable speed management for desire output Speed.
  • Zero Material Wastage only in FAST ROTI !
  • Can maintain seamless universal chapatti size.
  • Domestic size occupies smaller space.
  • Lighter weight of machine will allow you to operate for live   party function use.
  • Simple and robust design requires no skill labour.
  • LPG and
    • Simple, robust & very compact design requires no special skill to operate.
    • Uses LPG Infrared for heating, temperatures controlled by flow control valve gives consistent quality.
    VOLTAGE………220 watts Single Phase
    WEIGHT…….350KG for Fully Automatic, 65 Kg for Semi-Automatic
    MACHINE MOTOR………. 1/2 HP
    L.P.G Consumption ……….  3.0 KG per hour.
References : Fast Roti Maker

Rotimatic - Get Hot & Fresh Rotis Without Any Struggle

Zimplistic has come up with its flagship product - Rotimatic - which is claimed to be the world's first fully automatic roti making appliance. Rotimatic can hold up to 20 rotis worth of ingredients. The company say, one round and puffed roti takes a minute.

Roti is generally an Indian bread, made from stoneground wholemeal flour, traditionally known as atta flour, that originated and is consumed in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. - Wikipedia

Customise settings available, including the thickness and softness of a roti, as per their taste and requirement. Zimplistic says, it works with all flour brands.

The device will be commercially available only in September 2013, but the amount of press that have received a lot of what is important and that should be attributed to the presentation. In addition, the company is looking at the industry, it is refreshing to see that funded. How to embody the machine and how effective it is, it is still open to speculation, but many will definitely expect to know everything pans upward.